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NatureWise 10-Day Rapid Cleanse for Colon Health, Detox, More Energy & Less Bloating, 40 Caps

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We get tons of questions about how exactly to do the Advocare 10 day Cleanse and typically it is just about the food choices one should or should not be making.

I have done the 24 day cleanse with Advocare and had amazing results. I have yet to try it again because it was so difficult- it was almost like a spiritual fast and super emotional and mentally challenging. I attached the results of my 24 day cleanse with before and after pics and weightloss. I am planning to try it again this summer. The only way I got the Fiber drink down was mixing it with Spark and adding more water to it so that it wasn’t so thick!! I drank it knowing my life depended on it! I love reading your blog and thank you for sharing it. Oh, I forgot to add that I did a 10 day cleanse this month too and wasn’t faithful on 3 days (I added some sugar) but I still lost 5 pounds- think if I would have stuck with it and not cheated?! It really is about the strength of your mind over your feelings/emotions. And I’m such an emotional girl!!


Can you drink 1 glass of red wine per day during the 10 day cleanse?

What we offer our clients is the chance to get rid of all toxins quickly and easily in our 10 Day Full Body Detox Cleanse. We use colonics administered in the privacy of your own room, (see Colonics Tab for more details on specifics) for 10 straight days. This process insures that the entire large intestine will be clean and rejuvenated by day 10 and then begins to let the small intestine dump its toxins as well. Each Colonic is followed up with a special "muscle tested" implant into your rectum in order to protect the good probiotic and natural flora in your colon. You will then proceed to aid the detox process with several of our amenities that are all included in the 10 Day Cleanse. Please see our Services Tab for more details regarding your 10 Day Detox Regimen and included amenities. In this cleanse, we customize our services for your needs. From a parasite cleanse, gallbladder, kidney and liver cleanse to detoxing of heavy metals, your body is given the chance to rejuvenate, repair, and replenish itself. We also make customized organic soups and dishes as well as veggie and green juices.