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The Greatest Moments in Sports


The 10 greatest moments in the history of the organization

Honorable Mention: Rafael Furcal unassisted triple play
#10: Atlanta Braves throw combined no-hitter
#9: Brooks Conrad ultimate grand slam
#8: Chipper Jones last career home run (walk off vs Phillies)
#7: Rafael Furcal walk off home run vs Astros in NLDS
#6: Kent Mercker throws no-hitter
#5: Francisco Cabrera walk off single vs Pirates in NLCS
#4: Milwaukee Braves win 1957 World Series
#3: Boston Braves win 1914 World Series
#2: Atlanta Braves win 1995 World Series
#1: Hank Aaron 715th career home run

Every sporting event brings major ups and downs for everyone, whether you're participating or simply cheering along in sidelines. And while some moments recieve more press than others, it's these moments that make it all worth being apart of. For the world's longest running marathon, great moments are a-plenty. From inspiring stories to truely weird occurances, hopefully you'll agree that these are The 10 Greatest Moments in the History of the Boston Marathon.


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