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There will be 100 Lotto Raffle winners this Saturday 22 February thanks to a rollover in the main Lotto game midweek. As regular players will know, the number of Lotto Raffle prizes in a standard game is 50, but that total increases by 50 with every rollover, until the jackpot is paid out, so the next draw will make each of 100 players £20,000 richer no matter what happens in the main game. As far as the main Lotto jackpot is concerned, the top prize on Saturday night is expected to be worth around £6.6 million.

Players who want to include one or more of the most overdue numbers on their tickets when playing for the £6.6 million Lotto jackpot this Saturday should be considering the numbers 43, 47, 05, 01, 10 and 16. Of course, the only way to actually increase the chances of winning is to buy more tickets, and with 100 Lotto Raffle prizes also up for grabs it is highly likely that plenty of people will be doing just that.


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