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1000 White Women: The Journals of May Dodd

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In reality as well in the eyes of "Little Wolf" the 50-something fictional chief in this story, Native Americans believe that society is matrilineal, all children born belong to their mother's tribe, so the logic of these people seen as "savages" makes sense. History tells us that the 1000 white women really requested in a peace conference in 1854 by an actual Northern Cheyenne chief did not appear, shocked as the white authorities were by the request and the peace conference collapsed. In this fictional book the author has imagined what would have happened if some women had, in fact, been prepared to make that journey, and is told through the eyes of his main character one May Dodd.

(and if you can get past the title and a husband who quotes the movie Animal House, “Where the white women at?” every time you say it, that would be a good thing) takes a brief historical moment (the asking by a Cheyenne chief for 1000 white women to help assimilate his tribe into white culture) and expands upon it creating what is supposed to be historical fiction regarding a secret government program to do just that. The story, other than the beginning and ending, is the reading the journals of one of the women who participated in that “program.”


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