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Enter The Tribal Camp


The group name of 12th Tribe comes from the books in the OldTestament of the bible, which speaks of the Tribe ofBenjamin in which the Hebrew translation of Benjamin means;Son of my right hand. 12th Tribe also is defined in thebible as Mighty Archers men that fought with theirindividual bow and arrows.

The 12th Tribe was a young group of men that inherited thismighty gift of distinguished courage and fiercedetermination. Now, in our modern day battles of daily lifestruggles and spiritual warfare these individuals do nottake lightly the name that the Lord appointed them.


Demi in 12th Tribe Military Jacket + Sofia Hat

The California duo of Dave Portillo and Eddie Sierra began rapping in 1985 under the name of Deity, later changing it to 12th Tribe. Influenced by soul and heavy metal, they liked the rap of Kool Moe Dee, Whodini, and the Fat Boys. They took their name from the 12th tribe of Israel -- the Benjamites, mighty warriors -- and released an album in 1991 for Frontline. They portrayed a tougher image than most Christian rap artists and had a comparatively hard street rap sound. ~ Bil Carpenter