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Title: The 13th Warrior (1999)

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Trailer for The 13th Warrior.

In AD 922, an important emissary who is banished from his homeland. The nomadic outcast comes across a band of Norse warriors who coerce him into joining them when they are summoned to fight mysterious creatures legendary for consuming every living thing in their path. Eventually surrounded by the frightening and ferocious foe, Ibn must conquer his personal fears and help battle the illusive invaders--who emerge out of the shroud of fog in the black of the night.

The All-Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won't live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing. Herger the Joyous The 13th Warrior


fighting man, man-at-arms the 13th century warrior, Genghis Khan

Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, a lover and a poet from an Arab nation is exiled when he falls in love with the beautiful betrothed of the wrong man. He is sent as an emissary to the North Lands, and there ends up in an encampment of drunken, dirty North Men. Soon after, he finds himself en-route to a village that is terrorized by foul creatures that devour human flesh. He is the 13th warrior, chosen to fulfill the prophetic vision of an oracle, and is about to meet with the adventure of his life. And on the way, he will learn to "become a man".