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16 Ways to Love Your Lover


My wife and I lead a weekend retreat for couples based on 16 Ways toLove Your Lover. We had four couples besides ourselves and it was verysuccessful. Two of the couples were not married at the time but one couplemarried later. The other couple are still going together. (The three marriedcouples including ourselves are still married. My wife and I celebratedour 40th anniversary last year.) Once we had covered the basic concepts,we followed the book’s outline covering communication, sex and intimacy,finance, and conflict. You will probably want to read the description ofyour Type as a lover. I’ve even given copies of this book to both of ourmarried children.

Otto and Janet are well-known to most of the Jung/Myers theory worldas they have coauthored three books: TypeTalk (1988, Delta), TypeTalk atWork (1992, Delta), and 16 Ways to Love Your Lover (1994, Delacorte).Otto also coauthored a book with Roy Oswald called Personality Type andReligious Leadership (1988, Alban Institute). All of these books are writtenin an easy to understand style, showing how Psychological Type appliesto every area of life, including personal life at home, at work, and inthe church. If you are new to Type or want something that is readable tosuggest to your clients, the first two books are excellent. TypeTalk hasbeen available in the bookstores for over ten years and the publishersasked the Krogers to update it, but as I understand there was very littlethat needed to be added, so it is almost the same old book with a new cover. If you are doing any marriage counselling, 16 Ways to Love Your Lover isan excellent resource. Finally, Personality Type and Religious Leadershipis for anyone who is interested in the church or who works with clergy.


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