• 1919 Boston police union strike
  • A Documentary about the events leading up to and surrounding the 1919 Boston Police Strike.
  • 1919 Boston Police Strike -
  • The  of Fieldstone Common featuring author James Redfearn discussing the 1919 Boston Police Strike is now available as a podcast.

A City in Terror: Calvin Coolidge and the 1919 Boston Police Strike


Crushing the Cops—The 1919 Boston Police Strike: WCH Contributor Patrick Murfin, today with a great #LaborHistory essay on a public servant's strike where the scabs got better benefits than the strikers .... read it NOW!

Recently, I interviewed about the 1919 Boston Police Strike and its impact on the city of Boston and the nation as a whole (). Jim wrote a novel, , based on his research.


Public workers: labor and the boston police strike of 1919