• 1927 Mississippi River Flood
  • 1927 Mississippi river flood
  • 1927 Mississippi River Flood
  • 1927 Mississippi River flood

Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America


For residents living in the eleven parish area of the Louisiana Delta, a pair of historic events not only changed the landscape but also altered the lives of those individuals who called Northeast Louisiana home. The people living in this region of the state rode out the floodwaters of the 1927 Mississippi River Flood, the worst recorded inundation in the United States and rebuilt their lives only to find themselves faced with the worst economic calamity in our country's history. An overflow of this dimension has not reoccurred in the Lower Mississippi Valley since Congress passed the National Flood Control Act of 1928, thus making flood control of the Mississippi River a national priority.

But the biggest impact of the flood was less on individual communities that were inundated than on America itself. Far more than any other natural disaster, the 1927 Mississippi River flood altered the course of American history. It did this in four chief ways: it revised environmental management, propelled a dark horse to the presidency, altered the political landscape for African Americans, and expanded the role of government in crises.


1927 Mississippi River Flood Newsreel Pt 2

The 1927 Mississippi River flood was one of the most devastating floods in American history. It caused over $400 million in damages, killed 246 people and left thousands homeless.