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K's Kitchen: Recipes and Recollections from the 1930s and 1940s


This round-up includes a wide variety of Depression era recipes, from hobo tin foil dishes to egg-less cakes. Hearty, tasty, and cheap, these recipes are perfect for an easy family dinner. Don't worry about taking a long time to make them - most of these recipes require minimal effort and very little time. Plus, a lot of these meal ideas are taken straight from old-fashioned kitchens, so you'll love eating foods that are exactly like the ones your grandma used to make. We were inspired by these 1930s recipes, and we hope you are too.

Whether you want an elegant, small gathering or a large, raucous brawl, you can find 1930s recipes and fun ideas to fit the bill. On the next page, we'll investigate a few foods your granny (or her mom) may have considered just the thing for a special soiree.


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