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ACEVOG Women's Classy Vintage Audrey Hepburn Style 1940's Rockabilly Evening Dress (S, Quilted)

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Fashion in the 1940s was a little sharper, a little more trim, and a LOT more modern. And even though the 1940s fashion industry was bogged down by WWII regulations, that didn’t stop designers from making some very glamorous clothes.

hello, i am doing a school project on 1950s fashion and was wondering -how did the prior existing situation before change the 1950s fashion? Pretty much how did 1940s fashion influence/change the 1950s. Thank you!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Button's Vintage Corner: 1940s Winter Fashion Inspiration

It was the final of the 1940s fashion. The war in Europe finally over, Paris needed to prove that it was still leader of the pack. Facing severe fabric shortages, necessity nonetheless proved the mother of invention.