• A logo for the 1987 World Series.
  • Here's Michaels' take , recalling his experience calling the 1987 World Series at the Dome:
  • 1987 World Series ring – side view
  • 1987 World Series ring – side view

Minnesota Twins 1987 World Series Collector's Edition


Gold Glove-winning former Minnesota Twins third baseman Gary Gaetti is 58. His hitting and fielding were key to the Twins’’ 1987 World Series title. He’s pictured in 2006, when he was hitting coach for the Houston Astros.

Kirby Puckett Twins High Quality Replica 1987 World Series Championship Ring. Ring is made of metal alloy and has been clad with 18K gold. Size 11.


* 1987 All-Star Game * 1987 WORLD SERIES

The 1987 World Series was notable in several regards: It featured the first World Series games played in an indoor stadium (the ) and the final game of the series to start earlier than in the eastern United States (Game 6 would start at 4:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. )), and it was the first World Series in which all games were won by the home team (Four previous series had the home team winning the first six games, including the , when the Twins dropped Game 7 to the ). The bottom half of the ninth inning was never played in any game of this Series, and this was the first and only time this has ever happened. In 1987, the Twins set the record for the worst (full 162 game) regular season win-loss record of any World Series championship team (85–77, .525). This record stood until it was broken when the Cardinals won the after going 83–78 (.516). However, the latter was due to the incorporation of the Wild Card Draw, which did not exist in 1987.