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used GM's Hydramatic in the 1950s (except for Packard Twin Ultramatics in Packard V8-powered cars), Borg-Warners from 1957 on (some 1954 Hudsons also had them), and finally moved to the Torqueflite in 1972 for cars, and around 1979-80 for Jeeps, which had used Hydramatics due to an old contract. Mike Sealey, our AMC source, noted that ’s larger 1958-62 models may have been the only Borg-Warner transmissions with pushbutton shifting; while Bob Sheaves wrote that Borg-Warner was also pushed out of International Harvester in favor of the Torqueflite; they used the 727 transmissions (with their own model numbers) across their entire light truck line, from the four cylinder Scout through to the one-ton pickup.

The 727 transmission was introduced in 1962 in the Plymouth Valiant. This transmission was part f the Torqueflite series. This transmission was built with an aluminum case to reduce the weight by 60 pounds. This is wiidly popular with drag racing, off roading and monster trucks because of its reliabilty and price.


Pics Photos - 727 Torqueflite Transmission

The “Skullzilla” pro street truck rides on tube chassis, sits on Strange coilovers and spins massive rear tires. The interior matches the pro street attitude of this 1991 Dakota and the power comes from a Blown 500 cubic inch V8 motor with Indy heads capable of nearly 1000 horsepower controlled by a Coan 727 transmission with Dana 60 rear end.