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  • Overall, while flawed, I really enjoyed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and I definitely recommend it.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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Two films about bottoming out. Insomnia. Actors who direct. Chuck Barris, Charlie Kaufman, and the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. George Clooney likes to play CIA. Set design. Bleach bypass. Old Spice commercial. The Gong Show. Our secret CIA drone war with Pakistan. Is the Fight Club twist OK? A conversation for people who don’t care about the kitsch of Fight Club. Michael finally explains his Fight Club issues. Chuck Palahniuk. Hitting rock bottom. A better side of the Frankenstein myth. Film making techniques used to further the dirty impoverished tone of the movie. Homoeroticism!

Television made him famous, but his biggest hits happened off screen. "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" is the story of a legendary showman's double life - television producer by day, CIA assassin by night. At the height of his TV career, Chuck Barris was recruited by the CIA and trained to become a covert operative. Or so Barris said.


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Movie Review

Television producer Chuck Barris became notorious for creating critically-maligned, audience-adored, low-brow classics like The Gong Show, The Dating Game, and The Newlywed Game. CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND depicts the double-life Barris claimed to have lived in his controversial autobiography, that of a television game show producer by day and a C.I.A. hitman by night. The movie takes place during Barris's television game show heyday, the 1960s and 1970s, coinciding with the Cold War. It is directed by George Clooney, written by Charlie Kauffman, and starring character actor Sam Rockwell.