My soul screamed, “God we are a fatherless generation!!!!!!!!!”
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  • My soul screamed, “God we are a fatherless generation!!!!!!!!!”

Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story


Do not think because you are being a good parent to your children, that your family will escape from the judgment that is to come to our nation. We must reach the fatherless generation. This is the generation that can turn our nation around, but we need some men who will be like Mordecai and be spiritual fathers to the fatherless.

GROWING IN THE MISSION OF FATHERHOOD All over the earth families are confirming the importance of fathers. Varn Brown, Co-Author of A Devotion to Serve is helping them do it. In Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation, he recounts the struggles of growing up a child of an alcoholic father, as well as his own struggles to be the Dad he never had. He inspires fathered and fatherless men to seek, even pursue, a spiritual father. He tells them how to become good sons through obedience, courage and authenticity. In this insightful and practical book you will discover how to: Embrace the mission of fatherhood and why you should be on the quest. Become the son of God and the man you were meant to be. Push past the pain of broken relationships to forgiveness, restoration and victory. Heal the fatherless wound in yourself and others. Walk in the power and victory of 'Just Be' in Christ. Grow and mature with lessons from our great fathers. Receive the power and mantle from God to fulfill your destiny. Fathers and sons will discover biblical principles that light a fire to pursue the Great Father God. Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation helps men grow into men who glorify God in all they do. Rooted in Scripture, the book will be an inspiration to any men's group or fathers' ministry. ABOUT AUTHOR Varn Brown and his wife Earma Brown are Christian authors and ministers of the Gospel. Varn, co-author of A Devotion to Serve is an ordained 2nd generation Baptist minister. He has served as a Helps Ministry Leader and Armorbearer for nearly 17 years at Covenant Church, Carrollton TX. He is co-founder of Armorbearers International. Varn and Earma live in Dallas, TX and have two adult children.


A Fatherless Generation - Zadora Covington - Google Books

As I mentioned in Part 1 , it is not enough to have our own personal heart revelation of the Father heart of God without a practical outpouring. It is so awesome when we have this revelation and I believe God has it for every person! However, as we journey through our revelation it MUST change the way we interact with a lost and fatherless generation.