• A Brief History of Psychology Through the Years
  • A Brief History Of Psychology - Introduction To Psychology
  • A Brief History of Psychology I - Indiana University
  • A Brief History of Psychology I from Descartes to Wundt The Two Roots of Scientific Psychology

A History of Psychology: A Global Perspective


As mentioned at the beginning of the module, it is a challenge to cover all the history of psychology in such a short space. Errors of omission and commission are likely in such a selective review. The history of psychology helps to set a stage upon which the story of psychology can be told. This brief summary provides some glimpse into the depth and rich content offered by the history of psychology. The learning modules in the Noba psychology collection are all elaborations on the foundation created by our shared past. It is hoped that you will be able to see these connections and have a greater understanding and appreciation for both the unity and diversity of the field of psychology.

However, understanding history of psychology will help you gain better insight into how different topics in psychology are studied and what have psychologists learned so far.


Brief History of Psychology - Pennsylvania State University

They also add that the history-of-psychology is a fascinating story on its own, offering drama, tragedy, heroism, revolution and its share of sex and drugs. Now if that doesn't make you want to find out more about the history of psychology, them I don't know what will!