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Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native


After Original lessons, AJ Hoge created lessons for intermediate and advanced English learners. These lessons are not just English lessons. You will find inspiring information from motivation, leadership as well as self improvement. ()

After using or during 6 months, if you don’t find yourself speaking better English, then just tell AJ Hoge and he will return your Money. But I don’t think it is possible to not improve your speaking after listening these lessons in 6 months. to go to Effortless English Club and get Power English lessons. Your English and your life will become better.


Ways To Learn English Faster Effortless English by AJ Hoge - YouTube

SERIES XIII: PHOTOGRAPHS, 1890-1939. This series contains photos belonging to the extended family of James Hoge Tyler. It includes both studio portraits and snapshots of Tyler family, friends and scenery, with more than half of the images remaining unidentified. The first part of the series is arranged by family member, generally following the same sequence as Series I-X. The remainder of the series is arranged by photo type within the following categories: studio portraits; snapshots; buildings; miscellaneous scenery; and animals. Within each category, identified photos precede those which are unidentified.