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A Promise is Promise (Munsch for Kids)


Part 13 of a Sermon series called "Galatians: One New Man in Messiah" preached at Community Church of Fish Creek, by Chris Leonard titled "A Promise is a Promise" in Beautiful Fish Creek, in Door County Wisconsin. Click here to donate

But . . . when you operate with complete integrity, what you say will be taken at face value, your intentions will be assumed honorable, and your handshake will be as good as a contract. Most importantly, you can take great pride in the standards that you’ve set for yourself and sleep well at night knowing that your conscience is clear. As for others . . . just when they think they’re fooling the world, they’ll realize that they’re only fooling themselves. A promise is a promise after all. Please Keep your promise.


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Philosophers have tried to establish rules for promises. suggested promises should always be kept, while some argue that promises should be broken whenever doing so would yield benefits. In , tried to reconcile these positions, suggesting that promises should be kept 'unless they are worth less to others than a new option is to you,' and that this requires a relevant, unforeseen and reasonably unforeseeable change in the situation more important than the promise itself arising after the promise is made.