• Adorable teacup maltese puppy
  • Charming Teacup Maltese Puppies
  • Charming Teacup Maltese Puppies
  • A teacup Maltese puppy

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The terms Miniature Maltese, Teacup Maltese, Toy Maltese and Tiny Teacup Maltese refer to a Maltese dog that is smaller than the set AKC breed standard.

One very unfortunate result of this is that many newborns do not survive. To try and create tiny teacup Maltese equals that in a litter of 4, 1 or 2 will not live past the 6 week mark.


Toy and Teacup: standard: UKC: Companion Breed and Show Breed: ..

A teacup Maltese usually weighs less than the AKC standard for the lower end of the breed. That means the dog matures at less than 4 pounds. Because of her size, a teacup Maltese will be especially fragile, easily injured by other dogs or even you. Potential health problems include heart disease, vision loss, dental issues, breathing difficulties and neurological symptoms, such as seizures. Most often, teacup dogs experience hypoglycemia, or sharp blood-sugar drops, meaning they require special feeding schedules throughout their lives.