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Femdom - Grant Gets Feminized In Diapers ((ABDL, Sissy, Feminization) Book 1)

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I am willing to go into a conversation with him as to what should the content be made of, but I do wish to have someone mediate this because DD and I have worked hard to fulfill his wishes and he has ignored or been a sharp critic of our attempts. I really dont have a problem with him personally, only his actions and they say once bitten, twice shy. Only comment I have about him as a subjective comment is, I believe he has a problem with ABDL and sissy babies and infantilism in general. -- 11:42, 4 August 2005 (UTC)

I am being civil. I asked why you have such a problem with ABDL and made a suggestion that if you do not like the subject in general, that you can look for something else that holds your interests instead of being extremely strict with the rules. I doubt most other articles are held to such a high standard as you are trying to hold the ABDL and Sissy Baby articles to.


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