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  • Abstract Artist: Jaison CianelliMedium: Mixed Media, DigitalWebsite: Facebook Page:
  • Abstract Artist: Jaison CianelliMedium: Mixed Media, DigitalWebsite: Facebook Page:
  • He developed the language of abstract art as we know it todayMichael White

High-end Hand-painted Oil Painting 100% Hand-paiting-monkey Music Wall Painting。abstract Art Oil Painting on Canvas Completely 《No Frame》a5-1

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This is an abstract art piece inspired by the energy and feeling being among a blossoming tree in a garden. My work is an exploration of color, light, space and form. I am intrigued by the way all these things affect perception and how you feel. I wanted this piece to be something that you love to absorb into your senses, but also something that will work in your space. So although the painting is vibrant the colors are earthy and light. And although the subject matter is abstract there is still a subtle reminder of blossoms and flowers, or just being in nature on a sunny day. I hope this makes you feel cheerful and brings cheer to the place the artwork finds a home.

This abstract painting is an expression of the great joy that comes from freedom. The soft colors represent an open heart and the cloud-like formations and splattered on paint are meant to convey manifestations of the mind. I would love to hear your reactions about this abstract art piece. If you have any comments or questions please comment below. Visit my print gallery for custom print options and large sizes up to 108″ x 43.”


37 - 72 of 10,000+ abstract art for sale

Since decades, paintings in its most abstract forms have attracted a large number of appreciators. In fact, it has been seen that people have a very strong liking for abstract paintings and other forms of abstract art. An abstract painting is supposed to add to the beauty and the class of your drawing room. However it can be costly to buy one. This is something that can be handled with the range of printable abstract art paintings templates. Let’s have a look at some of the examples of such templates –