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  • Janel is a certified personal trainer through ACTION Personal Training and can help you reach your personal best!!!
  • Todd Soura founded Action Personal Training in 2003.
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ACTION Personal Trainer Certification: 2nd Edition (Volume 2)


ACTION Personal Trainer Certification (formerly ACT Certification) was launched by a group of like-minded personal trainers who want to change the way the certification industry operates. Our mission is quite simple.

When it comes to getting certified as a personal trainer, Action Personal Trainer Certification helps put students on the fast track. Students get to chat with instructors and watch training videos from any device, unlocking the shackles associated with traditional schooling—namely, fixed schedules, physical classrooms, and professors that don't even have built-in WiFi. To completely prepare future trainers, APTC gives their clients access to unlimited practice tests, arming them with more than enough confidence to blast through the exam. Those that opt for the Platinum package get extra benefits, such as a lifetime of free recertification.


Are you Tom, Dick or Harry? - ACT Personal Training

Wolverine, I have not taken either the Action Personal Trainer cert or Expert Rating so I cant speak personally. I would love to interview people who have went through either program for my site. If you know anyone, send them my way! That said, here’s what Id suggest. Go to your local gyms – those you think you might end up working at or want to work at – and ask them if they accept either of them. If they do, great. if they dont, then you are one step closer to finding a cert that might be right for you. That said, I’m sure both of them will provide you some knowledge and a decent background to help you prepare for any other cert that you are thinking about getting. Whether a gym accepts them or not, exercise science is exercise science, anywhere you go.
Any other questions, just ask 🙂