• Age of X: Universe #1
  • The upcoming New Mutants/X-Men Legacy cross-over ‘Age of X’ is taking shape and gaining ground.
  • More as it comes, Age of X Alpha has a Jan. 26th release date.
  • The Age of X had many after effects on the mainstream universe:

X-Men: Age of X


On the other side of Cap in the promo image is the Invisible Woman. We know, thanks another “Age of X” Historical Log, that Sue Richards warned her husband against harboring a mutant, who would go on to harm Franklin and lead to the FF’s arrest. I imagine this incident is why Sue is on the Avengers. Is there anything else you can say about her motivations? Is she angry over what happened to her son and looking for payback? Is she hoping that working for the Avengers will get her family a lighter sentence?

There’s a scene in issue one, for instance, in which he, um, makes friends with a character who’s very sadly missed from the pages of the X-Men.


Age of X - Marvel Comics Database

I think I remember what happened now. That Age of X Hulk model was proposed with several others in a poll during beta. I think Hulk as War won out. That's why I recall Age of X during beta.