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  • Aharon Meged (: אהרון מגד, v  přepisu ;  , ,  -  , , ) byl izraelský  a .
  • Aharon Megged is an Israeli author and playwright.
  • Aharon Megged, Author, At His Tel Aviv Home

The Story of the Selvino Children: Journey to the Promised Land (Library of Holocaust Testimonies (Hardcover))


Independence Haggadah. Published by IDF / Human Resources - Information branch, 1952. Hebrew.
This Haggadah, telling the story of the War of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel, was written by author Aharon Megged while on reserve-duty service at the chief education and culture officer headquarters, on the initiative of then-Minister of Education Ben-Zion Dinur. Ten thousand copies were printed, intended for soldiers to read on the eve of Independence Day. According to existing sources, the religious units and the military rabbinate objected, and the Haggadahs were destroyed. Yet the current copy contains handwritten notes attesting that the Haggadah was indeed read by a regional brigade, with the participation of the brigade commander.
[20] leaves, 20 cm. Good condition. Tears to spine. Cover partly detached, with tears. Sticker in the corner of front cover.

The Israeli writer Aharon Megged, who died on March 23 at age 95, was paradoxically multifaceted. His parents made Aliyah from their native Poland in 1926, changing the family name from Greenberg. Megged was part of a generation of pioneers who were ostensibly critical of the Diaspora, yet nourished culturally by European roots. As his parents were both Hebrew teachers, Megged was acutely aware of the language’s development in the modern era, yet he also paid heed to other nations’ literary traditions. Despite training at Kibbutz Giv’at Brenner in central Israel and working on Kibbutz Sdot Yam near Haifa for a dozen years, he was anything but the hackneyed stereotype of an inward-looking kibbutznik.


The Living on the Dead - Aharon Megged - Complete Review

El punto culminante llegó en 1958 cuando en el 10mo. aniversario del Estado , El teatro Habimah, puso en cartel la obra " Hannah Szenes " de Aharon Megged , lo que constituyó la confirmación definitiva de la identificación de ella con Juana de Arco.