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Great managment company – In the 3 years that I have had dealings with All Area Property Management, I have never been disappointed.

They have returned all my calls promptly and have handled problems ranging from heat to broken elevators and garage doors without hesitation.

Great job!

Would love to know more details about your complaints... – Since very often the anonymous reviews written on citysearch (and other similar sites) are often written by a competitor or a person with personal vendetta, with the sole intention of harming a company's reputation.

It would be very helpful if both of these reviewers would elaborate on these complaints with more specifics.

It sounds like simplesolution and bmc_brooklyn are more than likely the same angry person. It would helpful if they could be much more specific about their claims. Why don't they mention the name of the company that they claim came in and helped them? It would be more helpful to people reading this, as well as validate the complaint?

After extensively researching All Area on the internet, these are the ONLY two negative things ever written about them. There is no other negative reviews or complaints about this company whatsoever.

Since these are the only two complaints anywhere on the internet, in the many years this company has been conducting business, and both are written within two months of the same year (likely by the same person), the validity of these claims is highly questionable and not at all substantial enough to be taken seriously.

In fact, there is a positive review that was written back in 2008 if you search "all area property management yahoo review".


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