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Ambition: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (Mr. Dark) (Volume 2)


There are those who want nothing more than a simple life, and I’m not looking down or degrading their goals or viewpoint. If anything, I envy them. To be satisfied with something they’re virtually born with leads to a life that will surely by successful. However, I don’t think the ambitious are cursed, rather blessed. It’s when we realize that within the journey lies the lessons, the personal development, the suffering, the fun, and the growth, that we will see this struggle, hustle, and battle as a blessing.

If the road to success is wrought with peaks and valleys, – usually more valleys than peaks – failure, pain, uncertainty, and brutish hard work, are the ambitious cursed? This burning desire that fuels an early wake up and the 16-hour workday, does it stand in the way of happiness?


In yourself, in Polypes, there is an ambition to cease to be one.

AMBITION 2014 truly broke through to a whole new level. An outstanding collection of speakers and trainers inspired and instructed attendees on how to turn their goals into reality, and Ambit’s executives unveiled breaking news about new markets, the latest promotion and exciting technology. Of course, there was time for fun, too, with the Consultants rallying to win our first-ever kickball game 5-4, an elegant “Great Gatsby” themed party and honors for our outstanding Consultants. It will be a challenge, but we’re already working to top this year’s event in 2015.