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A Field Guide to American Houses (Revised): The Definitive Guide to Identifying and Understanding America's Domestic Architecture


American House 08, is the first in a series of ten prefabricated houses designed and constructed by — the award-winning Architect-in-Residence and Head of the Architecture Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

American houses sure have changed over the centuries. A new poster from the geniuses at Pop Chart Lab surveys domestic architecture from 1600 to today.


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Specific terms under various American federal, state, or local laws dealing with fair housing, truth in advertising, and so forth, have been prescribed and engender specific legal meanings. For example, in American housing codes, all "apartments" must contain a kitchen, bathing facilities, and a sleeping area, or else that term may be used. This generates various differences within the English-speaking world, and the terms such as "single-family", "two-family", or "three-family" building, residence, house, home, or property can be generic and thus convey little or no building plan (style of building) information. Such terminology is most common in advertising and real-estate markets that offer leasing of such units, or sales of such buildings.