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Amish Secret - As Seen On TV (12fl oz.)

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I think very few of us love to clean, so when we have to, we want the dust to be cleared streak free, film free. So does the Amish Secret Wood Polish have the secret ingredient that works like that? Nancy Naeve is testing this "As Seen on TV" product in her special series "Does It Work?"

I've been at KSFY for 22 1/2 years and I don't ever remember any of the banisters being polished so I thought why not try today. We're going to see if the Amish Secret Handmade Wood Polish will do a number on this.


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They don’t list the ingredients of Amish Secret but they boast its formula will clean, protect, and restore shine to any old wood with the very first use. To use Amish Secret, apply to the piece of wood furniture you’d like looking beautiful and wipe with a cloth.