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  • Analyze This 1999 A comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one-patient is an insecure mob boss.

Analyze This

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Analyze This is a great comedy from director Harold Ramis. Brilliantly acted with a good plot, Analyze This is a unique comedy that is very funny and Robert De Niro lampoons perfectly his previous gangster roles in this film. The films cast keeps involved and every actor gives a great performance. The jokes were great, and it's just funny to see De Niro in his role. I like these types of comedies that have a smart overtone mixed with the humor. Harold Ramis succeeds at doing that very well. This is one of his most original films, and for viewers looking for a different type of comedy, this film is for you. This is just a great film to watch if you want good comedic delivery. Unfortunately they made an awful sequel that was completely unnecessary, but if you only stick with this film, you shouldn't be disappointed. This a great film worth watching, even if the sequel is bad. Avoid the sequel, but watch this one. Harold Ramis delivers a great film that is smart, witty, well crafted and memorable. If you love a comedic take on a mafia boss, this is that film to watch and is far better than Mafia! This was a different type of film for De Niro and he pulled off beautifully. Ramis directs a great film that is almost perfect and he makes a must see comedy with a great cast of varied talent that pull off something special on-screen. Analyze This is definitely a must see comedy that Ramis fans will surely enjoy. Robert De Niro's performance alone makes this a film worth seeing.

Sequel to the very funny comedy, Analyze This is an awful failure in terms of delivering more laughs that the first one did so well. This film has a very poor script, and story that doesn't do anything to make you laugh. The first film had plenty of laughs to keep you entertained, but this one relies on the same old, same old to deliver its humor. The result is a misfire that is pointless and is a waste of time to watch. The film's plot lacks any originality and though it has a good cast, the film can't be saved and it becomes one of the worst comedic sequels that I've seen. This film simply wasn't funny and it missed the mark on so many occasions. Also, this sequel proves that some comedies don't need sequels, and they're better as a standalone film. Only one sequel comes to mind when I think of something worse, and that's The Hangover Part 2. Analyze That is not worth your time, if you love the first film, skip this film, it's bad. The problem with this film is that I found it similar in part to the first film, and it doesn't do anything original with its plot. This is a poorly constructed film, one that doesn't payoff and is almost free. Not even a great cast like this could save this tiresome, awful film. Harold Ramis has directed some fine comedies in the past, but with Analyze That, he makes one of his worst directorial outings. The first film was so great, funny, witty and original. This sequel is just uninspired trash that doesn't work and it misses the mark on so many occasions. Not worth your time.


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"Analyze This" has a lot of good things going for it, the comedy of a mob boss suffering panic attacks is amusing, the casting or Billy Crystal as a shrink is spot on and the humour from situations rather than set piece gags is the right way to go. But there is one thing, in fact one person which really makes "Analyze This" come together and that is Robert De Niro. So linked to the mob genre is De Niro that he adds something extra to the movie, something which makes it funnier than if we just had just anyone playing mob boss Paul Vitti. It also helps that De Niro and Crystal work brilliantly together, sparking off of each other making every joke work.