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But while learning is linear, the aren’t linear at all. Let me explain: it’s not uncommon to receive a life lesson two years prior to needing it, or two years after you needed it. Some life lessons are even taught through a mosaic of reference experiences, and it’s only through multiple experiences – sometimes the same one over and over – that you can unlock the lesson and learn the life principle.

Future Map is offering a FREE Lunch and Learn session to attendees at the 2Discover event. This is an interactive 90 minute session covering elements of Module 1 & 3 from the full Future Map financial wellbeing program. This fun and highly interactive session provides huge value for participants while providing an opportunity to gather internal feedback and interest in the broader employee program.


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PLAY AND LEARN a dual-language integrated program to offer children a positive and strong experience in the early years. Play-based and family centered.