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Admire Andrea: Surviving Savagery to Saving Lives

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A friend, Andrea Herrera, said Aracena-Montero lived with another victim of the attack, Simon A. Carrillo, with three pet Chihuahuas in a home they purchased together last year. Herrera said she believed the couple actually returned home from their vacation several days before the shooting.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Eric Fischer and Andrea Herrera were both in the same car when it was struck by a car driven by Joseph Jay Ford, but a jury decided Ford, while drunk and driving recklessly, was responsible only for Herrera’s death.


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On October 10, 2013, 23-year-old Eric Fischer and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Andrea Herrera, left the restaurant where they were watching a Tigers game to take care of their newly adopted puppy, Otis. On their way to Eric’s house, a drunk and drugged driver ran a red light and hit the car Eric and Andrea were driving in, pushing them into the path of a semi-truck. Both Eric and Andrea were killed.