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Seven & 8Mm (Classic Screenplay)


Andrew Kevin Walker: It was an original script I wrote and I tried in different ways to get it made. It was written to be live action – that was kind of the way I imagined it. It’s kind of loosely based on mine, and my best friend John’s life, trying to break into showbiz.

In their sit-down interview with Way Too Indie, Andrew Kevin Walker and Chris Prynoski discuss Nerdland‘s nihilistic vision of modern society, their shared appreciation for improv in moderation, and how the dream of writing the Great American novel has shifted.


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Andrew Kevin Walker’s screenplay for 1995’s Se7en remains one of the most highly-regarded screenplays of the 1990s and helped relaunch the career of director David Fincher after the disappointment of Alien 3. The film’s shocking ending is one of the most memorable in movie history, and Walker followed Se7en with 8MM (1999), Sleepy Hollow (1999), and The Wolfman (2010).