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The Most Extreme: Gluttons

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This is so stupid people. I mean ahahahahahaha. Bring Dave Salmoni, bring every single big cat trainer, bring every person on earth. Bring any zoologist, bring any person with a brain. WHy I'm responding to a couple of mentally retarded idiots like jialifeh and brentlion beats me. A lion is nowhere near, this isnt even a debate, a tiger is so much stronger then a lion it's not funny. The muscles, the fibers, the way there connected, this isn't a contest. Animalplanets most extreme tiger number 4 on the countdown, no other cat on the list. A tiger is the largest, strongest, fastest, most agile, most powerful big cat on earth period. You just have a couple of morons a 4 foot tall fat asian girl jialifeh and a highschool dropout whose 28 year olds brentlion who lives with his parents in the ghetto in the ghetto in washington dc... Still reads comics and harry potter. LMAO what a joke, but of course these are the type of people to make such stupid accusations. The tigers by far the strongest, and most powerful big cat, no other cat compares to it.

Animal Planet The Most Extreme Animals gets you up close and personal with the wildest animals in the world. Based on the popular Animal Planet television series, this colorful book counts down the top ten animals in some crazy categories, from the most extreme fighters, biters, and stinkers to the most extreme eaters, survivors, and thinkers. In these pages you will discover many amazing creatures, such as: Beautiful Siamese fighting fish, which will battle each other to the death over territory! Leafy sea dragons, which grow amazing seaweed-like projections to blend into their surroundings! The duck-billed platypus, which has a bill like a duck, a tail like a beaver, and poisonous spurs on its back legs! Bombardier beetles, which fend off predators by shooting boiling hot chemicals out of their backsides! Sloths, which hang out for so long in the trees that forests of algae grow in their fur!


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