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  • Anna Hutchison,  (Drew Goddard, 2011).
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Cup of Love

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Anna Hutchison standing outside against a pillar as a guy lowers her white dress to reveal her breasts and then kisses them before he puts his head under her skirt and goes down on her as she closes her eyes and enjoys it. From .

Anna Hutchison posing naked for a guy who is sketching her giving us some looks at her breasts as she turns and talks with him for a while. From .


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What is good about the movie is (1) its message everybody needs to find their soulmate, (2) David Faustino actually creates a believable character, (3) Fred Willard has a very minor role. What is bad about the movie is (1) the profanity is overwhelming, (2) Egglesfield is weak as the main character, (3) Anna Hutchison is underused as Aaron's ex-girlfriend Kayla, (4) There is too much seen of Fred Willard.