Anna Komorowska, Former First Lady of Poland
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  • Anna Walentynowicz (; 15 August 1929 – 10 April 2010) was a  free  activist.
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2. Pretty bad programmed game, just happens that my pc is good enough to run way better graphics games, but on this one it simply lags for no reason, and I doubt the devs will do anything about it since its problably just a dead game in their hands by now, and no, I don't wanna waste hours of my time to solve a problem that shouldn't be my own, devs should be concerned about it, not me/us.

3. Talking about the point and click fest, it sounds so random, you do wanna try to use your head and think how the puzzles should be solved, but no, you better just try most of the things randomly, or you WILL get stuck, just in the 2nd part of the game (this isn't a spoiler at all, it's a pretty short example) when I entered the house, you are supposed to remove a stuck knife's blade out of a table (among other things), so, I have a bunch of objects I collected that I have no idea where they gonna work at all, I have an axe, a huge blade, blablabla, no, they won't remove the knife's blade from the table, but the TREE BRENCH that I got earlier, of course, THIS ONE removes the knife's blade.... that was enough for me, you see? you want to use your head, but you better just randomly try every object you got, oh and be sure to look in every corner, every small inch, because if you missed something, you can be stuck having no idea what to do, no fun at all, I'm sorry, and if you wanna know, I love puzzle games, and I played alot of'em, Zelda, Penumbra, Amnesia, Resident Evil, any puzzle game you guess, is 10x better than this one.


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Anna Walentynowicz was a member of the Presidium of MKS. After the strike, she became a member of the Presidium of Inter-Institute Founding Committee () of NSZZ Solidarity in Gdańsk. On 1 April 1981 the Presidium of the Lenin Shipyard Institute Commission () of NSZZ Solidarity 'recalled' her from the Presidium of MKZ on trumped up accusations (inciting strike action, collecting signatures for a vote of no-confidence in Wałesa, misrepresenting her constituents, and acting in a manner detrimental to the union). As a commission of inquiry determined, not only were all of these charges false, but the KZ Presidium had no jurisdictional right to remove Walentynowicz from her MKZ position. However, a number of Solidarity departmental cells in the shipyard promptly issued statements in support of the KZ Presidium's action. It was done in ignorance of the facts of the case, and in contradiction of the union's own statutes. There were no consultations with the rank-and-file as well. journal noted, "The case stood as an alarming example of how Solidarity's new activists were instantly ready not only to support each other in any dramatic new initiative but also to believe the worst about one of the First Wave strike leaders. That such a situation would arise concerning Walentynowicz, the very person for whose reinstatement at the Lenin Shipyard was the main point on which the strike originally began, goes beyond mere irony. It demonstrates just how much the movement had changed in under a year, and moreover, just how far apart were the new activists from the old strike leaders-and from the union's rank-and-file." The case against Walentynowicz in the KZ disciplinary commission was led by , a close associate of Wałęsa. was also involved in lobbying against Walentynowicz in this affair, with , first Secretary of PZPR inside the Lenin Shipyard announcing publicly that Walentynowicz... destroys the unity of NSZZ Solidarity.