• The Art of War
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  • Title: The Art of War II: Betrayal (Video 2008)

The Art Of War


Last June I visited the Brand Library in Glendale, California, which has an enormous collection of books exclusively dedicated to the subjects of art and music. Meandering through the aisles my eyes suddenly caught the title of a large format book, The Art of War. I plucked it from its shelf and took it to a quite table where I could examine its contents at my leisure. I randomly opened the book towards its middle section and was astonished to see the very painting I had discovered forty-seven years ago as a boy; I had found it in a recently published book, but it was the same painting.

A good documentary for generalizing the concepts of the 'Art of War' for the layman. I would still suggest for those who are interested to actually read the book itself. The main message that should be derived is 'wars are won and lost in the minds of men long before they are even fought'.
Although the analogy of chess has some merit, I would not take it to heart. Gary Kasparov utilized many concepts of the 'Art of War', the best being a strategy coined over 2 millennium later as the 'intentional stance'. Once you know what motivates an individual, it is easy to predict his actions. (know your enemy) This premise allowed Kasparov to defeat a computer that could calculate many more moves in advance then himself. Since the computer is 'programmed' to win, it cannot contemplate concepts like 'stalemate' into a strategy. Thus, Kasparov only need play purely 'defensive' forcing Deep Blue to attack, leaving itself vulnerable. (the art of the counterpuncher is to make you fight his fight, not your own! )


The Art of War - Quest - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

The book was translated into as Wylie: Tchauhai paita be gisurengge, : Coohai baita de gisurengge, Discourse on the art of War.