• Inspiring artist books:
  • Graffiti Glyphs 4, Artist Book, 2012
  • Cryptic Writings 5, Artist Book, 2011
  • Graffiti Glyphs 7, Artist Book, 2012

Artistic Urban Collection Punched Metal Bookends, 2 Pack, Black (ART20008)


In addition to presenting my printed images as individual pieces, I have created a series of artist books based on my letter forms and using my prints in a novel fashion. Through my fascination with the printed page, I have been able to explore combining different facets of my printed images together in a book format and further expanding upon my use of surface, transparency and accentuated form by physically cutting out areas of by prints. The result is a preview and recollection of my images and a physical overlapping and revealing of forms through my cut prints. Letter Recognition is bound in a quilted book format, with the remaining books using an accordion fold method. In all cases, one has the chance to see the pages as double-page spreads or as one complete piece.

Project based around a place of our choice, the final outcome will be in the form of some sort of book and is most likely to be made by hand. Whilst looking at the idea of creating my final piece in the form of a book, i looked at some ‘artist books’. An artist books structure is about subverting the obvious, the type and image may be in a difficult layout to what were used to. When creating my own piece i want to consider the scale, texture and sequence that my book might take, i want it to be quite unconventional and not necessarily look like a standard book that we are used to seeing.


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