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150M Miniature Wifi (802.11n) Module For Raspberry Pi/Applications PC Raspberry Pi Cubieboard Radxa Rock

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de Melo, A. A., Hinz, M., Scheibel, G., Berkenbrock, C. D. M., Gasparini, I., & Baldo, F. (2014). Version Control System Gamification: A Proposal to Encourage the Engagement of Developers to Collaborate in Software Projects. In Social Computing and Social Media (pp. 550­558). Springer International Publishing.

So what does it actually do? OnHub makes the most of your existing Internet service by using smart software to find the best Wi-Fi connection. Routers typically come with janky software interfaces, but OnHub has a beautiful and simple to use app. This is where you can prioritize a device to get more bandwidth, see how many devices are connected to OnHub, and troubleshoot from away from home.


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