• you do not have to use the set B1510 accident book.
  • The B1510 Accident Book will allow you to comply with the legal requirements of recording accidents at work.
  • The HSE Accident Book is the Official record book for all workplace accidents
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Accident book - Health and Safety Executive

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This accident report book contains 50 perforated record sheets that can be easily removed and filed after an accident has occurred. What’s more, this HSE/b1510 accident book includes full instructions for correct completion of each record as well as guidance notes on the application of the Data Protection Act.

Any accident at work, regardless of how small, should be recorded in a B1510 accident book, as required by the Social Security (Claims and Payments) Regulations 1979. All entries in your HSE accident book should then be retained for a number of years and in accordance with data protection law. Check out our range of fully compliant HSE Accident Books and folders.


Reporting accidents and incidents at work