• That it's all coming back to me
  • If only tears could bring you back to me
  • If my tears could bring you back to me
  • Title: Come Back to Me (2014)

Back-To-School Activities: All About Me Thematic Unit: Daily Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers


I’m just commenting to wish you well, thank you for wishing so many more of us well, and say how much I enjoyed Chasing Amanda (but Come Back to Me is definitely my favorite of your books).

My third novel, COME BACK TO ME, was recently released. To celebrate the release, I hosted 35 authors on the new literary community that I was developing, WoMen’s Literary Café (for men and women). I felt that I had marketing skills to share that could benefit others, and I wanted to pass them along and watch others succeed. What became of the effort was so much more, and so much more important than my simply sharing of information and teaching.


Music video by Céline Dion performing It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Get Back to Me is an attractive proposition as it eliminates the time-consuming process that faces both those looking for accommodation and those offering it. The concept was born out of the frustration of having spent many hours trying to find decent non-chain accommodation!