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  • How to Get Rid of Bad Cat Breath. Good cat breath doesn't need to be perfectly sweet but it should be relatively inoffensive or undetectable.

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Cat bad breath, also known clinically as feline halitosis, isa very foul smelling condition. While bad cat breath may be offensiveto you, it is the least of the consequences from this condition. Felinehalitosis can be a red flag that there are underlying conditions worthyof treatment.

Granted it is easier to tell when your because he is frequently panting in your face, so discovering kitty’s I-just-ate-a-dead-mouse breath may take awhile to come to your notice, but when it does, what can you do? Cat’s don’t use mouthwash, so they can’t have minty fresh breath all the time and some slightly unpleasant breath is to be expected, but bad cat breath beyond what is normal can indicate a problem. How can you tell?


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