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  • Baghdad Blogger Salam Pax reports for Newsnight on the three years since Saddam's statue was felled in Baghdad.

Salam Pax, el internauta de Bagdad / Salam Pax, The Baghdad Blogger: El Internauta De Bagdad (Spanish Edition)


He is probably in Iraq or somewhere near Iraq which made him familiar with the happenings around Iraq during the inversion. The Baghdad Blogger capitalized on that to create a blog with first hand information about the on goings in Iraq.

The latest Trend is always ideal niche for blogging. People constantly yearn for the latest in everything, including information and anyone capable of providing that will gain followership, no matter who you are and where you are coming from. That’s exactly what Salam Pax The Baghdad Blogger did.


Baghdad Girl Blogging for 10 years..

Hello and welcome to this BBC news interactive forum. I'm Peter Biles. For the past year there has been a way to find out what everyday life is like for people in Baghdad. It's been to log on to the website of "Salam Pax" who's become known as the 'Baghdad blogger'. His internet diary of ordinary - or rather extraordinary - life in Iraq, picked up a huge audience around the world. 'Salam Pax' - his real name has never been revealed - spent months writing an often bleakly humorous web log which detailed the fears and hardships of Iraqi citizens as they prepared for the inevitable conflict. Well now his internet diary has been compiled into a book. You've sent in your many questions from around the world, and I'm pleased to say 'Salam' is here to answer them. Welcome.