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  • Learning ballroom dances has never been easier. Learn And Master Ballroom dance DVDs are all you'll ever need. Learn Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, and more.
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Ballroom Dance Mastery System: Step by Step Progressive Dance Lessons


• "Have you been burned by purchasing $30-$50 ballroom dance DVDs or videos that only had a few figures or patterns that were not leadable in social dancing? I've been burned! Since I'm a nut about dancing, I've purchased more than 60 instructional ballroom dance DVDs and videotapes. I'm only satisfied with about half of these and I'm only delighted with about 5%. My main complaints: not enough material or material that can't be used in 'lead and follow' social dancing. If you are like me, about 90% or more of your dancing is social dancing versus dancing choreographed routines with a partner who is also trained in the choreography."

Here you will find segments from some of our ballroom dance DVDs. To speed download time and minimize file size, these videos are highly compressed and thus their quality is reduced. The videos you will receive are "broadcast quality," with stereo CD-quality sound. In fact, our videos are taped with high-definition television (HDTV) resolution. Note: You'll need either the free Quicktime plug-in or free Windows Media Player to watch these movies in your browser. Please visit our page to download either player or for other help pertaining to downloading videos from our website.


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