• By Barbara Graymont
  • The Iroquois (Indians of North America: Heritage Edition) by Barbara Graymont
  • Barbara Graymont; Designer-Frank W. Porter
  • Barbara Graymont; Designer-Frank W. Porter

The Iroquois (Indians of North America, Heritage Edition)


For the war from the Indian perspective, Colin G. Calloway’s The American Revolution in Indian Country (1995) and Barbara Graymont’s The Iroquois in the American Revolution (1972) broke new ground in describing the war in the frontier.

Some folklore, reprinted in a newspaper article from 1948 and a scholarly article written in 1969 by Barbara Graymont of Nyack Missionary College, indicates that the Tuscaroras adopted the Nu Ya tradition from their German neighbors when they lived in North Carolina.


iroquois by barbara graymont barbara graymont

Hatchet throwing was an activity used by the warriors of the Iroquois nation to “sharpen the eye, harden the muscle, and preserve the skill of the warrior and hunter,” according to The Iroquois in the American Revolution, by Barbara Graymont.