• NAA: C3059, The Wonderful World of Barry McKenzie
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Barry McKenzie Holds His Own


There is something almost obsessively bad about ''Barry McKenzie Holds His Own.'' It has the manner of a person who has been told that one shouldn't try to hide one's worst faults but to exploit them, as if, by calling attention to these faults, one miraculously turns them into virtues. Not so.

''Barry McKenzie Holds His Own'' is actually a sequel to Mr. Beresford's first film, ''The Adventures of Barry McKenzie'' (1973), which was apparently a huge hit in Australia. The best that can be said about it is that it is extremely, utterly, aggressively, parochially Australian, a sort of failed Down Under attempt at the kind of comedy done by the members of England's Monty Python troupe.


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I worked with MCA Australia as the Assistant Film Promotions Manager on The Adventures of Barry McKenzie. MCA was the film distributer throughout the major cities in Australia of this film. At that time, it was rated the most popular Australian film in their history. I worked directly with Barry Humphries who not only starred in the movie as four different characters, but was instrumental in introducing Foster's Lager, the Bazza McKenzie Hat and the Aunt Edna character (who manifested herself into Dame Edna, who is widely recognized world-wide). Not to forget Bruce Beresford and Barry McKenzie! I still have a copy of the comic strip "Bazza Pulls it Off" and "The Wonderful World of Barry McKenzie" (which the movie script was derived from). Sadly, I lost the Barry McKenzie Soundtrack.