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Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Five years later in , a vigilante criminal called assembles a meeting with the city's most notorious thugs and dealers. He announces his takeover of their drug trade, telling them that he will get 40% of the profit, and they will get total protection from both , the reigning kingpin of the Gotham underworld, and Batman. However, he warns them not to deal to children, threatening to kill them if they do. Elsewhere, Batman stops an attempted theft of a shipment belonging to Black Mask, revealed to be . Batman destroys Amazo with the help of . Interrogating the thieves, Batman learns they are working for Red Hood before Red Hood himself kills them. Batman chases Red Hood who leads him to - the site of the first Red Hood's transformation into the Joker - and then sets off an explosion that destroys the facility with Batman barely escaping.

From the comes this Batman Red Hood Jacket, which is made from PU leather, with the vest included separately. The Red Hood logo is made in the center of the vest and at the back of the jacket. Made in a neat manner, this is accurately designed to give you an original look all fans would die for.


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