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Parent Trapped

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Thanks a lot, I´m turning 21 today, and I DON´T WANT TO BECOME AND ADULT, your post both made me smile and made me feel better about it, love your style, keep it up, I actually think you have talent, so who knows? you could become a writer. Any way, thanks for the post and good luck.😀

Happy belated birthday🙂 Don’t become an adult. It totally sucks. The only good thing about it is you have more money to buy stuff. But even that is a con because it’s never enough stuff anyway.


Scandal: Cyrus Tells Abby to Be the Adult

The study shows that the denial of abuse can be the greatest indicator of future trouble. Hence, the abused child who grows up to be an adult who denies having been abused has the greatest risk of becoming an abuser. But who awaken to the truth of their damaging childhood, and strive to do the opposite of what they have been taught will NOT emotionally abuse their children.