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Ty Beanie Ballz Bandit - Dog


Santa Claus had brought me a Beanie Ballz (see the picture above) which is a form of Beanie Baby, but instead of being an animal of some sort, it’s a ball-shaped human with a face, arms and feet.

Mistletoe the Reindeer loves rolling around the house on the holidays! 5" in diameter and no matter what way you toss them, roll them, or throw them, Ty Beanie Ballz always land on their feet!


Giant Beanie Ballz Zoom the Turtle

Enjoy tons of fun with Thunder the elephant Beanie Ballz, these wacky toys will always land on their feet! Thunder's birthday is September 9th. Approximately 4.5 inches. "Roll me, throw me, catch me. I always land on my feet!" (Inside tag)Ages: 3+