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  • i wish we could being john malchovic you into scott morrison for an appearance on today or sunrise
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  • Man, I wish we could Being John Malchovic you into Scott Morrison for an appearance on Today or Sunrise.

Being John Malkovich (1999) - IMDb

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But that was to be expected. As much as the Academy wants us to think that the Oscar goes to the best films they don't reward films that are a box office disappointment, no matter how good they are. "Fight Club" is only up for two awards-- Film Editing and Sound Effects Editing like anyone cares about those. This is the same number of awards as "Wild Wild West." Shouldn't "Fight Club" have been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Visual Effects at least? The effects are far superior to those in "Wild Wild West" and "The World is not Enough" which are both up for that one. And why is "Blast From the Past" up for Best Make-up? Was there anything special about the make-up in this film? Well, here's my choices based on this list and bearing in mind that I didn't see all the movies on the list. I missed "Being John Malchovic," "Boys Don't Cry," and "Straight Story." Anyway, Best Actor- Kevin Spacey. Supporting Actor- Tom Cruise or Micheal Caine (although I wouldn't mind seeing hometown boy Chris Cooper win either). Best Actress- Annette Bening. Supporting Actress- Toni Collette. Best Picture- American Beauty. Screenplay Adapted- Cider House Rules. Screenplay Original- American Beauty or Magnolia (although I'm glad to see they included Toy Story 2). I guess that's it for me.

unfortunatly rik seems to be focusing too much on the speed of the output rather than the quality of the product. the being john malchovic homage coulda been pushed way farther and rik has some talent. he just needs to give himself the time to be more detail oriented… taking ones time and doing shit right isn’t cost prohibitive. the same can be said for the rising down video, the setup was only interesting for about 45 seconds, same here, his best one was 75 bars because of its brevity. they missed the mark on this one and its a shame cause what he’s saying in the song is dope and the beat knocks.


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