• Other benefits of Amazon Prime include:
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Amazon Prime: How to Make the Most Out of the Many Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership


Last, but certainly not least of the major benefits of Amazon Prime is that members get access to lightning deals 30 minutes before the post goes public. This is particularly useful on Black Friday, when everyone is trying to get the best deal possible; but that is not the only day that you can use it. This perk is offered to

The key benefit of Amazon Prime UK is the guaranteed “free” one day (UK), two day (US) shipping of any product you buy marked Prime on the Amazon online shop.


New Amazon Prime benefit: Streaming music - USA TODAY

The Amazon Student and Amazon Mom programs offer benefits similar to Amazon Prime, but they're not quite the same. Neither program offers free streaming video, for example. Amazon Student members are eligible for the same shipping benefits as Amazon Prime for six months and also receive deals and promotions exclusive for students. Amazon Mom members receive the Amazon Prime shipping benefits for three months and can extend that by earning an extra month of free shipping for every $25 spent in the Baby Store. Amazon Mom members also receive discounts and exclusive deals on various baby products.